Friday, 4 December 2015

Real Life Coopers

So you know how you see all those lovely photos people post of their beautifully decorated Christmas trees and decorations? Some of those photos even have angelic looking, well groomed, smiling children in them.  Well that is not how it went down in our house this week.

Tuesday 1st December, after looking everywhere in the garage and in the roof, I finally remembered where I had put the tree and decorations as the older boys were doing prayers in their bedroom, in their wardrobe.  (I don't believe in putting up decorations until December, and a real tree is completely unrealistic in our climate).

So, Wednesday we were ready to get into the Christmas spirit, music was put on, the children were let loose and Noelle stood back and hyperventilated while trying to swallow her OCDs.

It was a 35 degree C day, I'll let you decide if that is sweat down my back or if I am still wet from wakeboarding ...

Big kids put branches on the tree, little kids pull branches off the tree.

Kids climb in and out of boxes

Big kids put decorations on tree, little kids pull decorations off tree

Lights get a 3,2,1 countdown, and then many more 3,2,1 countdowns as they are turned on and off and wires are pulled out and chewed.

I give up on the tree, and just throw up some more random lights.

Not long after this with more decorations on the floor than on the tree, we all give up and everyone goes to bed happy.

The tree decorating has continued each evening this week, there may eventually be one of those photos I mentioned at the beginning taken.

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