Sunday, 20 September 2015

Opening day, Aqua Fun Park, Mackay

Yesterday (Saturday), we spent a great (and very exhausting) day at the opening day of our latest water attraction here in Mackay - Aqua Fun Park, on Lake Grande, the 2nd lake in one of the local housing developments here that will eventually become a second cable wake park.

This is a bigger and deeper lake at the back of the development, but walking distance from the GoWake lake. It has a great path and network of bridges around it which is ideal for the boys to bike and skateboard around.

Vannes giving Raikkon the tour.

The park is a series of floats and obstacles set on the water that you swim out to for 50 minute sessions.  Our kids are all young enough that they get to play for free.  Technically we are supposed to have a 1 adult to one child ratio for children 5 and younger, but seeing as our little family are well known by the developers/owners/managers/operators of the lakes, we are all good, which is good as trying to keep Balin from exploring at his pace while I helped Vannes and Oaklen navigate around is next to impossible!

If Balin can't get over/round an obstacle, he just jumps and starts swimming to something else, taking a 'short cut' he says.

Oaklen is still our fearless adventurer.

 I couldn't convince him to try the biggest slide ... yet

Vannes on the other hand, kind of wimpered around for the first hour telling me how he wished he had never come, though he did seem to enjoy the water trampoline and pushing me in.

Vannes hitching a ride back to shore

By the end of the day he was converted though, he wished he 'could stay here all day', wished he 'would never, ever leave', and was perplexed by the accommodation provisions, asking one of the life guards 'but where do you sleep, there are no beds?'

Noëlle's sense of direction was as good as ever ;p

'Which big slide?' - 'Oh, you mean that one behind me?'

We also got her to succumb to peer pressure, OK, child pressure.  She climbed up one obstacle to go down the slide, but I soon had the boys all chanting 'MUM, JUMP, MUM, JUMP, MUM, JUMP' from the shore and half the people looking at her ... what's a Mum of boys supposed to do?

I am not sure that her attempt at a rope swing was so successful ;p

Unsurprisingly for us, we were the last to leave!

We'll be back ... regularly :D

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Mrs Coops said...

I am highly offended that you would question my sense of direction, it was perfect, as usual - everything else was just temporarily mis-located... ;p