Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Birthday

I am not really into my own Birthday, I am impossible to buy for and I prefer not to make a big deal about it.  That said, Noëlle did a great job with her gift this year (I have had it for a little while as she did it as a combined Anniversary and Birthday gift this year so I received it between the 2 dates), and it now holds a large amount of the board 'fleet'.

Noëlle commissioned a custom board rack for me.  She contacted a local men's club, bought and delivered the wood, collected the completed rack, wood stained it at home and assembled it.

It actually first arrived like this

Noëlle had asked for 7 - 8 slots on each side, it seems others think they know better, and that she must have been mistaken as there is 'no way' that one person could need to house 'that many' boards.  (Noëlle tried to buy a rack from a board shop going out of business for me a few years ago, and the owner, aside from being quite rude in his frustration of the demise of his business venture, also told
Noëlle that it was ridiculous that I would have the need of a large board rack).

Although I loved it, it did go back for more slots to be added and now holds 16 boards.  I also bought some wheels for it, Noëlle bought some more wood and while they were increasing the capacity we had them add a base so it can be moved around easily.  It will get a little more customised over time with stickers/decals, and possibly some helmet hooks, but I think it is great :D

For my actual Birthday, it was an all round water day.  Balin had chosen to do Grom Squad this Saturday, they are now on Summer hours, so alternate each Saturday between a 7am and 8.30am start, this week was a 7am start at the lake, so no lie in for me.

Being early and still a little fresh, there were only 4 kids there, so Balin got maximum water time, getting to do several double runs with Greg, this was his first.

The corners are the hardest thing to master on a cable lake and this gives him the guidance to work on it.  On the third corner, Balin lost his board and rather than Grego bailing out, Balin hopped onto the front of his board, you can hear how AWESOME he thought that was!

After Grom Squad, we came home to have a skype call with one of my best friends and his family, waiting for that gave me chance to set up our garden pool which the big boys played in until they decided it was too cold still.

We then spent most of the rest of the day at our local pool, where the littlies got to use the new swimsuits they got for their Birthdays.

The older boys had fun too

Oaklen was operating in his usual 'evasion' mode, testing our ability to repeatedly count to 6 while monitoring the crew while around water ...

We finished our day back at the cable lake for me to do some riding a bit of skateboarding and cycling with the boys.

All round a pretty perfect day :D

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