Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dam Saturday

5.40am - Alarm
6.30am - All three of us at the early morning market to get fresh fruit and veg
8.00am - Arrive on site at work (yes another 55+ hour/6 day week)
4.00pm - Get home from work.

Quick shower and drive up to the lake at Kinchant Dam as a surprise for Noëlle.

What can top a great meal overlooking the lake at sunset?

Maybe the live band that was playing after ...

Balin just taking in the atmosphere while throwing back a 'cold one'.

Here's to living life for every moment, rather than just sleeping (although I was the only one awake on the drive back home).


Angela Beth said...

It looks amazing!! What a full day! Coop, I hope you're not overworking yourself!!
And Balin is such a big boy! I can't believe he's going to be one soon! Sorry about all the exclamation points, but I am just so enthusiastic about it all! ;-)

Mrs Coops said...

It was such a nice surprise, the food was great, the band was excellent, Balin enjoyed himself, and that caption and picture of him 'throwing back a cold one' are fantastic! :-D

Mum & Dad said...

Hey, guess what, we managed to get on the blog. We have enjoyed the letter Coop & the pictures. Wonder if you can see Balin's shooting up as much as we can. Every time some pictures come we see he has grown some more. Gosh do you always go to the market so early or was it just because Coop had to get off to work? Looks like you are all enjoying yourselves though. That's good.
Love Mum & Dad, Gran &

Talitha said...

So life down under is still treating you well! It's good to hear:)
I can't believe how big Balin is getting, time seems to fly past. He is such a sweetie:)