Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More Paintball

(It seems that a lot of people stumble across this post looking for paintball bruises, which happen to be on an earlier post that this one links to - Just to keep those random stumblers happy, above are the photos from that post :D )

Despite what some people may think, I do not like to be in charge, be the leader, be the boss, or organise things! It is a lot of hard work, and stress. I much prefer it when I can just join a well organised group or activity and just follow along.

Nevertheless, I often find myself in these positions, as others are either too disorganised, or without someone taking charge nothing would ever get done.

What is the result of being an unwilling leader? The other weekend I ended up playing paintball for over 8 hours straight! That's right after retelling the adventures of my last game and making sure not too many people saw my bruises (also shown above), it seems everyone wanted to play paintball (or at least everyone did until it came time to had over the cash)! I tried to organise just one group of everyone together, but as that didn't work, I ended up co-organiser of a work group at 8am in the morning, then after a quick stop and change into fresh overalls at midday, I then had a group from college in the afternoon for another 4 hours.

Some of the morning group, guess which one is me?

After sending Balin off to the beach, Noëlle joined us for the afternoon too :D

The afternoon team, I am the one roughly centre pointing my gun at Albert's head,
Noëlle is on the right

I am pleased to report that through more strategic playing, I ended up with significantly less bruises than last time, and had a blast :D

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