Saturday, 11 September 2010


Hi, Noelle here. Well, it's been quite sunny these last few days and Coop was invited to do something with one of the guys from work, Henri. I received a phone call on Friday afternoon asking if I fancied going paint balling. Was he kidding? Absolutely I did!! So here I am raring to go! (That's Dean looking over my shoulder.)

Dean and I ready to pick up our paintball guns. I must have looked hot enough in the camo gear, as a couple of the guys kept calling me 'Babe'... (it still throws me off when people do that when I'm around Coop.)

Coop and I were on the same side (blue) and Dean and Henri were on the red side, so this was the calm before the storm.

The manager of the place was a little overboard at telling people to keep their masks on at all times, as were their signs that you can see in the background. Although I guess he was only doing his job though, as the paint pellets come at you at 200km/h, and people have lost eyes in Europe and the U.S., but apparently not in Oz. (Yet...)

Does my bum look big in this? ;p
I - being of the female persuasion - received extra padding, which saved me from all the hideous welts that I saw on everyone else. :)

Dean pointing to just one of the many welts that Coop had already got by first break.

Coop gets right in the thick of things and heads an assault to capture the flag.
Coop chucked the other team's flag off the barrel about 6 times, but as the rules for this part of the game meant that he was immortal, he was allowed to be hit as many times as possible, yet still live.
So he ended up a little bit colourful...
I took a defensive position and stayed low behind the tyres. This is one instance I was glad not to be a few inches taller! :)
Coop doesn't have the starting symptoms of leprosy, these were simply some of the battles wounds he bravely took for the team!
I, on the other hand, was pounced on by the mosquitoes, kept being checked that I was ok by the nice chaps who called me 'Babe', and shouted 'DAMN YOU!!' when someone got my ankle bone once! Still, I love being the only girl in the figurative room, it's so much more fun! I had a total blast!! Next time we're all together on a holiday, we HAVE to do this, guys!!


Cali said...

It looked really fun until the last few photos, and the welts...yikes. Are you okay? Do they hurt?

Selima said...

Oh my goodness, those red marks all over your back, sick seriously! I want to go paintballing again!!!!!

Ryan said...

The idea of paintballing has always seemed fun, but not worth the pain. The photos confirm it. owwwwww!

Mrs Coops said...

He's fine! And we're both well up for doing this again! :)

Coop said...

Just to clarify, It has been ages since I have played paintball, and unlike some games I have played in the past, there was unlimited re-entry to each game, and immortal zones where you could stay for as long as you could take the pain. I went all out, and didn't really care how many times I got hit (I took plenty with me too).

You don't have to play my way, and most others didn't. Noëlle, Dean and Henri all came out un-scarred. Please don't be put off by my hits - paintball is for all. We are planning another game day at the beginning of November with a bigger group of friends :D